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- MP4 player program is simple, easy-to-use
- Based on open-source VLC Player
- Designed to play MP4 files
- 100% FREE mp4 player!
- Comes with a friendly user interface
- MP4 video player supports formats
other than MP4 - MKV, AVI, VOB, etc.

MP4 Player

Recently, many people have been making use of the MP3 media players. But with the introduction of the MP4 players, this has changed the phenomenon. Nowadays, the .MP4 players have taken over. Many people prefer this as opposed to the previous times when they made use of the MP3 players. The Free MP4 player is taking over the industry due to its extra-ordinary features that were not found in the MP3 Players. In this article, you will get important information revealing why the Free MP4 player has taken over the entertainment industry.

MP4 Player presented on this site is based on best open source media player - VLC Player. Thus the quality is automatically guaranteed. MP4 Player download is easy and free.

The capability to support visual and sound at the same time has made the MP4 player the most preferred player of all time. This being the case, it is clear that you would go for the.MP4 player rather than the MP3 players which only supported sound media files only. This has been found to be one of the most amazing characteristic which makes it easy for one to have a brilliant entertainment endeavor.

The free MP4 player, also known as mpeg4 player, makes it possible for you to watch your favorite TV programs as well as read through some of your favorite e-books. These features make the .MP4 player more superior and easy to use.

The user interface does not go unmentioned since it makes the software’s use easy and more efficient. The way it’s built makes it easy for you to execute some of these activities easily. To have the best out of the free MP4 player you need not have any complex computer skills. All you need to know of are the basic computer application knowledge and you will be good to go.

Comprehension of the demo and user’s guide that you might get along with the software will make you work out the software like a wizard. The simplicity in the use of this software was the main aspect that was in the developers’ minds. Their main concern was in its effectiveness and ability to be accessed by every Tom, Dick and Harry.

The fact that it’s free also makes it top the list. Unlike other media players that you might find on the internet, you will get the MP4 video player for free. This also includes updates as they are released by the developer.

The ability to support more file formats is also an additional benefit that you ought to get with the MP4 player. Apart from the MP4 media file format, you will also be in a position to play other media files with the player. Additional formats include: WAV, WMV, CDA, MP3, MPEG, MPG, VOB, SVCD and DVD in a myriad of many more media files formats.

The efficiency and the speed offered by the free MP4 player are unspeakable. I simply define this software as an entertainment wizard.


Q: What is Free MP4 Player?

A: This is a media Player that supports a variety of file formats. It supports both audio and visual files that will make your entertainment worthwhile. And of course it supports MP4 format.

Q: Why am I unable to play my media file with the MP4 Player in Vista?

A: All you have to do is disable the User Account Control functionality in Vista.

Q: My Free MP4 player is playing 2 media files simultaneously, why is this happening?

A: If this is the case, you might be having software that does not a media switcher. You can download a free MP4 player that has these features. Your discomfort will be eased and your media player will be in a position to play one media file at a time.

Q: Is mp4 player download free?

A: Yes, MP4 player is completely free of charge.


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